Installation and Retrofitting of Special Hazard Systems

special hazards

Special Hazards are a must when water-based sprinklers cannot be installed.

Whether it’s a pre-action, foam, deluge, or clean-agent system, Morristown Sprinkler of Knoxville, TN can install a special hazard sprinkler system for your business. From power plants to server rooms, Morristown Sprinkler will help you protect special property, electrical equipment, flammable items and other possessions of importance.  Specifically, special hazards work when a water-based system is not an option.

Our experts will visit your facility to determine what special hazards system will work best for you.  Each of the aforementioned systems is advantageous in certain instances, and we will figure out which one will best protect your property and keep your building and employees safe.

To schedule a consultation for a quote, or to ask any general or specific questions, please contact us, or you can always stop by our office location.